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Elim Clinic is more than half a century old. The Clinic was established in 1958. In 2008 we celebrated fifty years of existence, fifty years of grace, and fifty years of treating people with addiction problems.

Elim Clinic has come a long way. The roots of Elim Clinic can be traced back to 1927 when a group of Christians working for the SA Railways of that time, noticed that many of their co-workers experienced problems with alcohol abuse. They founded an association called the SA Railways Temperance Union on 17 October 1927. The initial goal was to start coffee shops where staff members waiting for transport to their homes and changing their working shifts, could relax with a cup of coffee in a comforting environment. They soon realised that people that were addicted needed professional help. Elim Clinic developed out of this need. Although the letters “SAR” was linked to the name, the association did not have any formal connection with the S A Railways and Harbours.

The original Clinic was a beautiful Cape-Dutch gabled house and was inaugurated on 1 September 1958. A modern clinic was built during 1968 which could accommodate 43 men. The name was changed to “Elim vereniging vir hulp aan probleemdrinkers.” In 1976 an additional female section was completed. The name Elim originates from Exodus 15: 27 (Christian Bible). When this Clinic was founded more than fifty years ago, only male patients with alcohol addiction were treated. Today we accommodate people from both genders and all cultural groups. Patients addicted to alcohol, drugs, medication (prescribed or over-the-counter) and gambling addiction receive treatment. Elim Clinic is committed to continuously enhance the treatment programme according to the latest development within the field of addiction treatment. Elim Clinic is a dynamic, professional in-patient treatment centre which offers treatment to men and women, 18 years and older, who are addicted to alcohol, drugs, medication, and/or gambling. Elim Clinic offers a safe and caring environment conducive to personal healing, and recovery. Recovery from any form of addiction is a process. By taking one step at a time many of our patients have proved that it is possible to recover from addiction, and to live a meaningful and fulfilled life.

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